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Riverview Farm of Belize


If you are new to Belize and are flying into Belize we recommend that you take advantage of our local taxi service.  It is a $75 US charge to be picked up at the airport and brought out to the house. This service includes the opportunity to pick up food and groceries.  Getting your groceries at this time is highly, highly recommended.  You can also use this service for your return to the airport when your holiday adventure has ended (for another $75 US).

If you are a seasoned traveler and familiar with traveling through Belize then you can take the bus. You will want to take one of the Bermudian Landing buses.  These buses can be found on the corner of Euphrates Street and Orange Street in Belize City.  Tell the bus driver that you want to be let off at Scotland Halfmoon and that you are going to the “Hendy farm.”  To be safe try to get a seat towards the front of the bus so that bus driver does not forget you.  This is only a precaution as the bus drivers are usually very good.  At your drop you basically start walking down “our” road for a good 45 minutes or longer depending on how much luggage you have to drag.  The village of Scotland Halfmoon is basically located at the end of the road where you were just dropped off.  If it makes you more comfortable, by all means confirm with the first person you see that you want to confirm that the Hendy’s farm is at the far end of the road.  And then start walking.  You will walk straight; a ways down the road there is a turn off; keep going straight. (FYI the Hendy farm is the last name of the locals that use to own the farm).

Fairly shortly you will be beyond the village and surrounded by jungle.  About the time you are starting to feel lost, rest assured that you are on the right road.   Enjoy the walk and the wildlife along the road.  Constantly be on the lookout for Black Howler Monkeys.  If your luggage gets to heavy (and it will) this is where I will remind you that I recommended that you take advantage of our taxi service.  Don’t worry, you cannot walk past the farm; you will end up swimming in Belize River before you walk past our farm.  Remember if you do use the bus route option, you also have to figure out how to get from the airport to Belize City to catch the Bermudian Landing bus.


If you are flying into Cancun, Mexico (which is what I often do) you can catch a bus to Belize City.  I would then refer to the bus route instructions as described above as the final leg of getting to the farm (unless you have a crazy amount of luggage).  Flying into and out of Cancun is typically much cheaper airfare. This way of travel really only works if you have the time.  What I mean is you need almost two travel days to get to the farm from Cancun and you need a day and a half travel to get back to Cancun.  That is almost four days of travel time which is not very practical for a weeks’ vacation.  Depending on how your day goes it is approximately a 10 hour bus ride from Cancun to Belize City.  The cost for a one way bus trip will be a bit more then $800 pesos or $85 Belize or $43 USD; and I think there is probably some kind of exit tax out of Mexico.  You will probably want to get a hotel room in Chetumal (Mexican border city with Belize) depending on how late you arrive in Cancun.

Upon arriving in Cancun you will want to find the Ado Bus ticket booth.  Ado Bus Company is a first class bus company and they put Greyhound to shame.  Book a ticket to go to Chetumal.  You will travel the rest of the day and into the evening to get to Chetumal.  I don’t recall exactly how long it takes (approx 6 hours I think).  Grab a sweater from your luggage as they love to blast the AC.  Upon arriving in Chetumal you will want to catch a taxi to bring you to a hotel close to the “Old Market” where the Belize buses can be found.  Unfortunately it could be hard to find a taxi driver that understands English.  So you might have to wait for a taxi driver that understands English.  This is not impossible and sometimes you might find a local that can help translate for you.  The key is to get the taxi driver to show you where the Belize bus stop is and to find you a hotel within walking distance.  There is a hotel that is a five minute walk from the bus stop.  Unfortunately I have never written the name down.  You should be able to find a hotel for $350-400 pesos ($30 US – 2011 prices).

You may feel tempted to panic during this part of the trip.  The important thing is to relax, this is all apart of the adventure and you will figure it out.  The next morning I would try to be at the bus stop for about 6:00 am or a bit earlier.  The buses start early and then stop until later in the day.  You really don’t want to miss the morning bus. You will go through Mexican customs and then travel through Belize to Belize City by around 1:00 pm.  If you are worried about Mexican customs ask the bus driver for help.  The bus drivers are super friendly and will help you through every step.  On your way to Belize City the bus will take a five minute break in Orange Walk.  Once in Belize City I recommend you go find the bus going to Bermudian Landing (Euphrates & Orange Street).  You can safely store you luggage on the bus and the drivers will watch it for you if there is a bit of time before departure.  Once your luggage is on the bus go find yourself a beer; the hardest part is done.  Refer to the above instruction about taking the bus to the farm.  You can also take our taxi service from the city, but if you have made it this far I think you can make it the rest of the way.  I should also mention that Belize buses (including what you ride from Chetumal) are old retired school buses from the United States.  No more Ado coach buses.

Flying home from Cancun  [I did this back in June 2018 and these are my notes]
Leaving for Cancun for your return flight home you will want to catch the bus from the end of our road into Belize City.  Make your way to the main Bus Depot (W Collect Canal St) in the city.  This is not far from where the bus you are on will park.  You will be traveling on the Ado bus line.  It has been recommended that you reserve your spot on the bus ahead of schedule.  Deposit is $19 BZ and bus leave the bus depot at 11:15 am. Your bus will reach the border at about 2 pm and cross by 3:15 pm (our bus was fairly light and could be longer if your bus is full).  You pay $40 BZ [exit fee] at the border.  Grab some pesos at the border if you can.  Shortly after crossing you will stop for a 25 minute break.  There you can grab food (with pesos) and pay for the rest of you bus ticket – $83 BZ. [Not responsible if schedules or prices have changes]

When I fly out of Cancun I actually spend the night in Plya del Carmen and take the shuttle bus to Cancun Airport in the morning.  I arrived in Plya del Carmen at 9:15 pm.  Mexico time zone is one hour ahead of Belize.  Belize City to Plya del Carmen took me nine hours.  Plya del Carmen also has a main tourist section along with a beach that is very cool to check out in the evening.  This is part of the reason I spend the night here.  Plya del Carmen to Cancun takes one hour and cost 190 pesos.

This has been my preferred route for the last few years (if I have time) and I am now very comfortable taking it.  I also get to enjoy the food and atmosphere of a second country (Mexico) on my trip.  As a Canadian, I also like it because I can take West Jet direct and I avoid US customs (in Toronto) because the flights are direct to Cancun.  With Belize flight there is usually an American layover which forces you to stand in line for US customs. Fortunately West Jet now also fly’s direct to Belize.  If this route (through Mexico) causes a little fear in your stomach maybe the best way to Belize is flying directly to Belize.

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